Monday, September 26, 2011

Recommended Blog - These and Those

Over time I have become a fan of twitter as a great tool to discover tangentially related information that may not have otherwise crossed my way. A few weeks ago, I came across a collective student blog from Machon Pardes (full disclosure, I have taught on the summer program there for three summers). The blog titled These and Those has some interesting reflections from their diverse and dynamic student body.

Yesterday's entry titled "The Unattainable Prayer" was an honest reflection that I wanted to share with followers of this blog. One reaction I had was to think about this time of year, the Days of Awe, as a time to have a perfect prayer; to throw away the nonsense of shul and to really focus, dress our best, bring out the best daveners, and be honest with Hashem. If not for only a few days of the year - let's pray right! (Isn't this part of the traditional trend in the Jewish world that Jews come out of the woodwork to attend and be identified in a RH or YK service?)

Often good tefilla feels indeed unattainable - but the searching process for a great spiritual connection allows us to dabble and taste the richness of successful experiences. Wishing you all a שנה טובה!

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