Friday, August 3, 2012

World's Largest Synagogue

Perhaps it is unfair to say that the following article is 'ripped from the headlines' considering that some people say that is precisely what the Times of Israel does for a business, rips other news organizations headlines and makes it into their news (just one perspective, and by the way, my preferred up to date English news source on Israel).

Here is one perspective of the Siyum HaShas from yesterday:

MetLife Stadium becomes ‘world’s largest synagogue’ for Talmud celebration

You can read this article and the many others that are out or coming out this weekend about the exciting conclusion to this Torah learning experience.  I find it personally interesting that many people found the tefilla experience at the siyum to be the highlight (and I am not speaking about the upper deck mechitza that was put in special for the evening - one tweet: New York siyum set a Guinness World Record for largest mechitza. @adamkaroly).

Although the activity of Daf Yomi is considered more about Torah learning - take note that the davening was seemingly as uplifting as the great, inspirational speeches within the stadium.  I was not there - but wonder what it would have been like to mark such a great accomplishment of study, together with nearly 100K other Jews, and not to have prayed?

We have the power to daven almost anywhere - the only prohibitions are for locations that are 1) near feces or urine 2) near an object that is an anathema to our religion, and c) overly distracting - otherwise we can make anyplace a synagogue. If you were there - what was it like to have Giants stadium full of Jews?  Will the 2020 siyum be larger?

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