Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jerusalem Day- Song & Prayer

Tonight begins Yom Yerushalyim - the historic day in 1967 that the Old City and Temple Mount returned to Jewish control for the first time since the Second Temple period.  There is much to say about this day and this city.  Gil Student wrote an excellent piece a few years ago about the quandary the victory posed for some religious Jews to say or not say Hallel. Obviously there is politics, and ideology, and geography, and other craziness that is associated with Jerusalem but I am still amazed, as an 11 year resident of the city, how powerfully the tune and words to "Jerusalem of Gold" effects me.  For me, it is a tefilla-like experience and thus I am thrilled to pause today and appreciate that we have such special place in the world, despite the politics, ideology, geography and craziness.

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