Monday, January 16, 2012

We Pray Just to Make it Today

What would it take for a Jewish singer or religious leader to produce a video like Minister Stanley Kirk Burell did in 1991?  Check out Minister Burell's, aka MC Hammer, hit song Pray

"Pray" apparently placed in the Top Ten charts in both the US and the UK - I am NOT sure there is any evidence that this encouraged more people to pray or attend prayer gatherings. 

One serious comment - performance is a key aspect to understand the agency of tefilla and all educators struggle to identify how teach the technique to preform prayer and the mindset to imbue meaning into it. With pop culture, and especially music performers, there is a natural grace and energy that connects with the audience, particularly in live performances.  How can educators harness the energy of the concert hall and even the ipod into a minyan?

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