Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Who's Afraid of an Evaluation?

It is May and the end of the school year is very much in sight.  Students are counting down, teachers are also counting down, and administrators are busy evaluating and making decisions that will impact next year's academic schedule.

However I am finding that some schools just don't want to talk about tefilla.  Doesn't matter that it is now "late" in the year - as it was during the summer prep time or in the beginning of the year preparing for the High Holy Holidays.  It is often stated that tefilla is an important part of the curriculum and that they are searching for ways to improve student engagement and participation but when given the opportunity to actually get free resources on the topic, some people are too busy with other important matters to give tefilla attention.

Pardon my frustration but isn't everything happening in a school important; rather there is a sophisticated juggling of priorities to ensure a clear educational message of content and values. How then does it seem that tefilla is always slipping to the bottom?  If you disagree, PLEASE speak up.

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