Thursday, June 21, 2012


I just saw the follow goggle chat status from a friend:

Minyan is derived from the term “eidah” describing the spies. I guess that is what a shul is: 10 guys of questionable faith who speak lashon hara, and two guys who think they are frummer than everyone else.

I s it funny because its true?

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  1. Rav Hirsch, in Parshat Chukat addressing the incident of Moshe hitting the rock to get the water out instead of speaking to it as commanded from Hashem, reminds us that the pasook says v'natan maymav- it will give of its waters.

    Apparently the water was already stored in the rock, and it was up to Moshe to coach them out with his words. What Moshe forfeited was the opportunity to give over the lesson that we as educators pride our craft on, and that we as daveners constantly look to perfect. The lesson that the potential to achieve is within all of us, but has to be brought out with gentle words and sincere encouragement. You can't beat an insight out of a student, or a pure hope or request from a person in prayer. Our hopes and aspirations are stored within us, and we rely on the vehicle of the siddur, shul and tzibbur to coax it out of us into a formulated dream to Hashem.