Monday, February 18, 2013

Preparing for a Special Bar Mitzvah

The following video is an appeal for donations for a day school in New Jersey. I encourage you to watch the video to learn about the challenging process Tuviya's family went through to find the right school and outlet for their son's personal and spiritual aspirations within a Jewish framework.

I was personally moved when watching this clip, thinking of my own bar-mitzvah training, of my parents, and now as a parent who will have to prepare a son for this coming of age ceremony.  However, thinking about the state of tefilla in schools, I can't help but be frustrated that schools and educators are not doing enough to make the most of the davening potential. No, let me clear - what is super frustrating it is that there isn't much of a conversation about the present state of tefilla in schools. And the below video, does show hope for us all.

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