Sunday, January 15, 2012

Silence and Speech in Davening

I often read the Kvetcing Editor (@The Chavia) - a fascinating blog and authentic Jewish voice - and yesterday came across a post titled "Talking in Shul and the Sudlikover Rebbe".  Check it out to see the jumps in the article and the tangential information.  The key passage that struck me was cited from an anonymous blogger - A simple Jew - in the form of several challenging question:

If we are given 22.5 hours a day when we are permitted to speak with others, why must we encroach on the 1.5 hours that are set aside solely for our conversation with Hashem? Isn't it He alone who provides for all our needs? If we really believe Hashem hears the words we say, how could we ever even think of speaking to others when we are standing before Him in His house? We need to stop speaking to others when we are speaking to Him!
I try to do this in my own personal tefilla - but how scalelable is it for a community or minyan?

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