Sunday, January 22, 2012

To Give - To Pray

I often listen to the song לתת by Boaz Sharabi, and feel it exemplifies a tefilla.  It is used in various videos and events in Israel and captures a feeling, in song, of what it means to transcend.  I share it here to nourish your souls and hearts, and hope that we can learn to give more to our tefillot.

To give the soul and the heart,
To give,
To give when you love.
And however one finds the difference
Between taking and receiving
You will yet learn to give, to give...

To discover secrets [in secret]
To release the tangle of connection
When your heart is pinched
By every smile, every look

You are careful, you know,
And aside from you, no one hears
Walking a fine line, trying not to offend
And filling the free time


To give the soul and the heart
To give when you love
You will yet learn to give, to give

You learn with the years
To build buildings together
To live with all the changes.
To weave, with her, a life's story
And to get through difficult days
In distress and troubled times
To always know how to give in,
and to keep the love alive

To see in the midst of the fall,
That there is room for forgiveness
It=s always possible to start again
Like a new day, like the usual - to give
You will yet learn to give, to give

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