Monday, July 30, 2012

A Bizarre AND Awkward Tefilla Situation

The Yeshiva World News reported (24 July) the following headline: 
IDF Rabbinate Forbids Recitation of Avinu Malkeinu

If I didn't believe it myself than I wouldn't have cut and pasted the article here:
After Maran HaGaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef Shlita called for including Avinu Malkeinu in tefilos due to the gezeira hanging over Klal Yisrael, referring to efforts to compel tens of thousands of avreichim to leave beis medrash, it appears some IDF soldiers began reciting the tefilla as well, inside shuls on IDF basis. 
According to a Ynet report, after learning of this, the IDF Chief Rabbinate issued a directive prohibiting the inclusion of the tefilla on IDF bases. 
Some reports indicate that chareidi soldiers serving in the Kirya (Defense Ministry) in Tel Aviv began including the tefilla in their daily davening as they adhere to the instructions of gedolei yisrael. 
According to the Ynet report, this is now prohibited on IDF installations.
Yep - pretty unusual- as the comments at the bottom of the page seem to indicate.  If I was forced to create a list of inappropriately awkward tefilla moments, I feel that I must mention the 2003 YU tehillim gathering 'against' the appointment of the current president.  Are there any other nominations for this dubious list?

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