Sunday, July 22, 2012

Eating like Davening

I had a guest over for Shabbat lunch (good food was served) and the topic came up of tefilla and he shared a wonderful insight.  Just as we eat roughly three meals a day - without necessarily giving thought to the logistics and nutritional value the food - so to we should pause more to realize the spiritual opportunities that are presented before us when we break to pray.  Eating can seem natural and can be taken for granted (which is part of the interest of a fast day), but if abused can have a residual effect on your energy levels and health.  One does not strictly need to see a nutritionist, but in seeking their advice one can discover guidance for healthier living habits.  I have written about this subject previously regarding the need to see a davening doctor, but my guest pointed to the general need to pause and appreciate the cyclical opportunities that are readily present to be seized.

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